I would be lying if I said that I was not overwhelmed by the assignments for my Jou 3700 course. I can get it done, just need to find a way to do it where I don’t exhaust myself doing the simplest of things. Chapter 12 of Global Philadelphia by Takenaka and Osirim. There were several remarks made in the chapter that shocked me. First, I must acknowledge my ignorance, I know little about Cambodia’s history, so I’m doing my best to fix that, but I’m also learning that it is because of this group’s history that many of the older Cambodians have qualms about turning to financial institutions for aid. It is because of the fact that the Khmer Rouge, “a guerrilla army” that killed over a million , many older Cambodians and Cambodian-Americans have a hard time trusting institutions such as the police. Another alarming issue brought up in the chapter, that Cambodian-Americans are an “invisible” ethnic group in America. What makes any group the others, or invisible. These are just a few of my personal questions that I hope to answer while conducting research for this special studies elective.

One good thing is that so far I have the basis of an angle for my research paper, now for the news story…I did read that the high school graduation rate for Cambodians in America is low, according to Ellen Skilton-Sylvester and Keo Chea-Young, authors of chapter 12, 47.1 percent. And the percent that go on to get at least a bachelor’s degree, only 9.1 percent. Shocking yes, the rates are than those of African-Americans.

So, there might be some miserable posts in the near future, but once I work the kinks out things should start to look up.


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