Where Do Your Rights Begin? Where do they end?

This week hundreds of protesters gathered on Wall St., the business capital of New York, to voice their disaproval of the present state of democracy.  The plan was to camp out on Wall St., for days, weeks, months if possible. According to the organizers’ web site, Occupy Wall Street, “We want freedom for all, without regards for identity, because we are all people, and because no other reason should be needed.However, this freedom has been largely taken from the people, and slowly made to trickle down, whenever we get angry.”

When protesters arrived at the designated site on September 17, they found that police barricades on portions of the the street, preventing protesters from fully occupying Wall St. Activist Luella Mink, from the Lupe Fiasco Street team was among the protesters. Through twitter she has shared that musician Lupe Fiasco has played a major role in the protest, donating tents and hosting discussions. According to Mink, it has been mentioned that the bigger tents may be used as learning facilities during the protest.

As the protest continues it will be interesting to see both the authorities and media’s reactions.


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