Happy New Year!

Last year was rather insightful and amazing. I took some time off of blogging to pursue other avenues, but I am back.

In addition to my take on news and events, I hope to share stories and experiences with you. Before I met the student or now alumnus in the next story I was sitting in on a meeting of Temple University’s International Student Association when a tall, well dressed student stood up before the crowd and delivered a presentation that called for students to question the way they as international students interacted with others of different races andĀ ethnic groupsĀ as well as domestic students in both casual and professional manners. His story is part of a series that includes interviews from Rhonda Brown J.D., Temple’s associate vice president of the Office of IDEAL, Institutional Diversity, Equality, Advocacy and Leadership and Brooke Walker, assistant vice president for Global Partnerships and Programs and International Student and Scholar Services.